Giving wings to your ideas

The Entrepreneurship Cell of University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Panjab University

— About Us

Entrepreneurship Development Cell(EDC) began with the idea that the conventional model of problem solving in the world was simply not as effective as was thought earlier. The world needed a better model. We needed a better way, not only to restore but also to replenish. A model that is not only sustainable but also pivotal to growth and prosperity. At EDC, we believe that Entrepreneurship is the most vital key towards reaching that better model. All great things take time. Since our establishment, we have pursued towards creating a nurturing environment for budding entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial-minds alike, conducting workshops, events, seminars, boot camps, interactive sessions, pitching sessions and many more such endeavours that have proven to be stepping stones for many individuals and teams alike.

— Vision

The vision of EDC has been to be the helping hand that helps you take your baby steps, the unfazed shoulder that sticks around during tough times, the stepping stone that becomes the basis for your leap forward and then the pathway that leads you to your success. We know of the disruptor inside of you that has the ability to bring about a change in the existing model of the world. We know of your seemingly incomprehensible dreams. This is us telling you. “They aren’t so incomprehensible!” We’re here to guide you and in turn, be guided by you. We’re here for the better. We’re motivated. Are you?

— Community

EDC UIET envisions to create a community of enthusiasts are filled with high spirits of becoming a successful entrepreneur. We aim to provide them with the appropriate guidance and support for their future development and ample growth in the field by providing them funds and professional guidance. Be a part of our community and experience the high rise curve in your Growth chart. Register Now !

— Connect With Us

As a student

If you’re trying to figure out what it feels like to step into the ‘real world’ that everyone keeps talking about, connect with us. We organise workshops, boot camps, interactive sessions and seminars with real life entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors. Talk to them, explore their minds, dive into the ocean of their experience and know that if you’re able to retain only a bucket full of what they have to offer, you’ve already stepped into the ‘real world’.

As an entrepreneur

If you’re the entrepreneur who’s started on with his venture and looking for various aspects of running a successful business such as acquiring the right talent, mentors to further guide you, investors to invest in your business or any and all things considered, rest assured that you will have access to the entirety of our networks and resources that will provide you a road map to the solutions of your problem.

As a mentor

If you think your expertise can help us take it a step further, grow in the way we work or expand the scope of our vision, we’re listening. We’re here to learn. Guide us into uncharted waters. We’re more than happy to have you on board with us.

As an Investor

All said and done, the only quantitative way we can nurture the start-up ecosystem is by giving three things. Time, money and experience. Are you the kind of investor we’re looking for? The kind who’s not just about the money, but about the patience and zeal required to build unicorns. Let us know and we’ll embark on an exciting adventure!

— EDC Till Date

84 Sessions Held

To keep students enthusiastic about entrepreneurship.

58 Competitions

To keep the competitive spirit alive and to keep them moving forward.

20 Parties

Because awesome people work hard, play hard.

55 Coffee Meetings

Sometimes this is important to get shit done.